International Women in Engineering Day 2018

To mark International Women in Engineering Day, we caught up with Julia Cole started who with Uniper as a graduate, she has since gone on to become a Fuel & Firing Processing Engineer at our Ratcliffe Power Station. We asked Julia what her thoughts are on a career as an engineer and what advice she has for other females who have an interest in engineering. She’s produced this video blog to explain!

We also caught up with Shia Yamamoto who is currently on the Uniper graduate programme. Shia has given us an insight into her experience too through this Q&A.

Why did you go into engineering?

I decided to peruse a data science role as mathematics was one of my favourite subject at school.

Did you experience any peer pressure from friends or from careers advisors to go into ‘girls’ subjects’?

Not particularly; however, even though I studied math and physics in high school there was no push for me to go into engineering even though I had expressed my interest.

What are your aspirations for your career – what’s your dream job?

I would like to keep playing a part in the energy sector and hopefully make some kind of unique contribution to the industry whatever form that may be. Working in a warmer climate would be a nice addition.

What attracted you to the Energy industry – and Uniper?

Interest in the industry mainly came from the simple fact that energy is an integral part of society. I specifically choose Uniper as they offered a data science graduate scheme which combined my interest for energy with my background in mathematics and physics.

Would you recommend Uniper Engineering Academy to other aspiring engineers – female and male?

So far I have enjoyed and learned a lot from my graduate scheme and will recommend this to others. 

What’s your top tip to other young women considering a career in Engineering?

Gender is only one difference out of many things that make us unique individuals. Be persistent, don’t let stereotyping catch you up. If you start to worry look to others and be inspired.


Graduate programmes are one way of starting a career in engineering, apprenticeships are another great way of learning all the brilliant skills you’ll need to set yourself up on the career path. Whether you’re a graduate or you’ve just finishing school, why don’t you come and see what Graduate opportunities and Apprenticeship options there are with Uniper. 

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