Engineering Academy Installs New Training Switchgear

The Engineering Academy (EA) are excited to begin the installation of several new pieces of high voltage switchgear at the Academy today.

The addition of this equipment to the existing network will allow them to increase training delivery options for the EA’s customer base and enable some new developments too.

The switchgear is Alstom HWX Vacuum type, it will be used predominantly to support with the Pre-Authorisation Modules (PAM) Safety Rules training, HV Operational Safety, Substation Access and Switchgear Maintenance.

Many of our courses from the City and Guilds accredited HV Operational Safety course (aimed at current and aspiring AP’s, SAP’s and their Senior Engineers/ Managers) through to HV Appreciation and Sub-Station Access already take advantage of our existing live 11kV network. If you’d like to get in touch with us, then it will be great to hear from you.