Smart metering at Uniper's Engineering Academy

By 2020, the government wants every home across England, Wales and Scotland to have a smart meter and it’s up to the UK’s energy suppliers to install them.

With more than 26 million homes currently without a smart meter, it’s clear that this is a massive task. Energy suppliers are having to significantly increase the size of their smart meter installation workforce quickly and safely whilst ensuring that their staff are equipped with all the safety and technical skills that are required to competently carry out installations.

Uniper’s Engineering Academy is proud to announce that it is supporting this national roll out of smart meters. We invested in our facilities in 2017 to create purpose-built technical workshop areas that are dedicated to smart metering training – and now we’re ready to train your people. Over the course of just three, intensive weeks, learners don’t just spend their time learning how to install the smart meters but are introduced to best practice. This includes the safe use of their equipment and the basic electrical principles. Students, are also introduced to the different types of meters and service cut-outs that they will encounter in the field.

We are an EEIAS platinum provider and have already trained more than 240 electrical smart meter installers - but we have capacity to take on more. If you are supporting the national roll-out of smart meters and are looking for support to train up your installers, then we may have just what you need to equip your workforce and get your teams out on the road.

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