City & Guilds 9848-51 Certificate in High Voltage Operational Safety

Course Overview

Regulation 16 of the Electricity at Work Regulations states: “No person shall be engaged in any work activity where technical knowledge or experience will be necessary to prevent danger or where appropriate, injury, unless he possesses such knowledge or experience or is under such degree of supervision as may be appropriate having regard to the nature of the work.”

The 5 day ‘HV Operational safety’ course aims to introduce an engineering approach to HV operations and forms part of training for personnel who are being considered for authorisation. It enables you to develop an understanding of operational practices as an appreciation of the dangers prevalent in HV systems. It also gives employers genuinely useful supporting information when it comes to the authorisation interview.

Course details

5.0 days
10 people
Course Location
Ratcliffe-on-Soar (Nottingham)
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Course Content

Course attendees will cover a variety of practical switching exercises and electrical theory over the five days which includes: 


  • Arrival & Registration
  • Introduction to the Course
  • Statutory Legislation – and application to the operation of HV Networks
  • Technical Definitions
  • High Voltage Switchgear Operational Duties
  • Entry to operational areas
  • Site familiarisation


  • Isolation & Earthing Theory
  • Practical Isolation/assessment exercise
  • Switching Terminology and schedule preparation
  • Site authorisation assessment
  • Planning process for Isolation & Earthing exercise
  • Introduction of and preparation for practical switching exercises on live 11kV Network


  • Completion of practical exercise preparation
  • Practical Exercise (1) Switching: Substation Outage Including Safety Documents


  • Individual written assessment exercise to produce suitable safety documentation in order to make High Voltage equipment safe to work on (C&G 9848-511)
  • Protection Overview
  • Cable Diversion theory
  • Individual feedback on earlier assessment exercise


  • Introduce Practical Exercise on Multi Panel Switchboard
  • City and Guilds accredited written exam paper (C&G 9848-501)
  • Practical Exercise: Work on Multi Panel Switchboard
  • Course Review

The full City & Guilds Certificate (9848-51) will only be attained after having successfully passed both the written assessment (C&G 9848-511) and exam paper (C&G 9848-501).

A short report will be sent to the course booker detailing individual feedback from the trainer on how their learner performed on the written assessment.

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Course Benefits

By the end of the course you will have:

  • A knowledge of current Safety Legislation associated with the control and operation of HV networks
  • Be aware of switchgear designs and operational duties
  • Described in general terms, the safety and access requirements for HV substations
  • Prepared and carried out switching schedules for safe operation on HV systems and in accordance with appropriate safety rules
  • Operated HV switchgear during practical exercises
  • Completed safety documents (permits to work etc) and discussed the requirements
  • Appreciate the method of testing and identification of HV equipment
  • Appreciate the basic protection requirement for HV systems
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